Miss Sullivan's Weekly News

October 2, 2015

Six Weeks 1 Report!!

Good afternoon!

Well - the kids are off to enjoy a well deserved three day weekend! I'm so proud of their work this six weeks. I am also excited to start the next six weeks. Science will really get fun as we begin to learn about energy. Each student will be required to do a science project for the science fair this year. Last year, I did not require the students to enter the fair... and some of my class projects were science fair worthy!! So this year, we will go ahead and enter the fair. Starting next week, we will work on how to put together a good project. I have numerous resources for selecting a project and for research. The most important thing is that students do the work themselves. You can be there to cheer them on, ask leading questions, or be a guinea pig... but make them do the work, type up the report, put the display board together, etc. That is where the learning happens... when the students do the project! No - things won't be perfect... but they will learn how to get better at it by doing it. Be a coach - not a co-worker. I don't have a date for science fair just yet, but it will be prior to February 24, 2016. That is the date for the district fair.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to our new Student Council Reps! Thank you Shayla Mader and Maddix Owens-Landers for your willingness to represent our class. The competition was tough. We had some excellent speeches!

In math, we just started fractions. Soooo.... if your child comes home hungry, it is because we are talking about pizza, and brownies, and pie! They make wonderful fractions. Right now, we are learning to recognize and calculate equivalent fractions. They will need to be able to recognize and equivalent to 1/2 nearly every time they see it. 1/2 is used as a comparison tool (benchmark) to compare and order fractions. Fractions are fun and we have many learning activities ahead of us next week as we extend our fractional knowledge!

In Science this week, we studied mixtures and solutions. We mixed various substances with oil, water, and vinegar to see if substances were soluble or not. It was fun to see how difference substances acted in the various liquids.

Remember that Monday is a student holiday. We will be back in full swing on Tuesday. You won't want to miss a day of learning this year! We have so much to do. I just love the excitement your children have for school. Thank you for sharing with us.

Miss Sullivan

Dates to Remember:

TODAY - Final day for book orders.

I will place the order online Saturday morning at 9:00.

Monday - No school for students

Friday 10/9 - Good Behavior Lunch at DeCordova Bend.

Permission slips will go home Monday

10/13 Cookie Dough Delivery

10/22 Spring Creek Night