MRHS Parent Newsletter



The Foreign Language Department celebrated Foreign Language Week from March 4th through March 8th. The Minnechaug community celebrated the week by participating in a variety of special activities as we celebrated the differences in people around the world and promoted understanding of other cultures. We shared daily quotes and proverbs from around the world, held morning announcements with guest speakers and interesting facts on the importance of learning a foreign language and how it can assist an individual in their future career and educational plans. Our hallway was decorated and there were special bulletin boards to enjoy. The cafeteria offered a week long specialized lunch menu for students and staff members to enjoy while listening to foreign music. Students participated in t-shirt themed days and had a special advisory embracing travel and diversity. Students watched a Spanish film in the auditorium during our foreign film festival. Joseph Zebian entertained students with French and Spanish songs. The week culminated with our International Food Celebration in which students in foreign language classes brought in ethnic dishes to share with the group.