The North and South Times

By:Blake Py

Discuss the Discus

A new sport has arrived in the ever growing planet,It is called discus. Body builders have been looking for a new a new and fun way to do daily workout that strengthens their muscles. A new study shows that the average male who plays discus is about 3 times stronger in the pectoral and triceps area. So here is a word of advice from yours truly,

"If you want those girls to fall for you go get that discus plate!"

Its an elderly sport!

Discus was first invented by the Greeks as a sport in the Olympics. It involves a round metal disc that you try an throw as far as you can. The proper technique is quite confusing so i wont get down deep into that but, in order to throw it you must twirl your body and get the disc flying by your own momentum. Some say not only can it make you dizzy but it can tear at your pecs which causes great pain and it can cause wrist rotation issues. Remember get the disc its worth the risk!