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Funny things tend to happen as you get a little older, and for me, I've realized that many things I've learned about life as an educator, I've learned from Dr. Seuss. For years his books have been relegated to elementary rhymes and gibberish, but it's something to be said about a person who can inspire hundreds of people through the colorful and wacky pages of a storybook. As parents, we've read these stories many times over to our young ones, and we've hoped that they have held on to at least a little of the words within the pages. After all, reading is the cornerstone of education; building successful students one vocabulary word at a time.

But then, as said earlier, funny things tend to happen as you get a little older. Our little ones become preteens, and they stop reading Dr. Seuss and become more interested in reading Facebook and Twitter, and between meetings, benchmarks and "teaching to test" methods, we as parents are left wondering if they are learning anything at all. As a parent with the above 3rd grader entering into his first experience with standardized testing, it's totally understandable.

In keeping with this small bit of anxiety (myself included) DMS will continue to prepare our students for the tasks at hand. As parents, and as always, we count on your help! We will continue our "PTO/Family Nights," exploring yet another subject being covered on GA Milestones (shout out to PTO for providing us with the tasty treats!) as well as continue to conduct Saturday School for extra help. Make sure you check out the remaining dates below.

I cannot promise you that your child will retain everything that they learn, but I CAN assure you that we as educators will continue to put forth our very best efforts to see that they do. We hope that you stay committed to the cause as we are, because with that partnership, success is definitely a place we're going.

Yes indeed.

99 and 4/4 percent guaranteed. :-)

DMS Saturday School

Remaining Saturday School dates:

March 14th

March 28th

April 18th

April 25th

Saturday School is open to ALL students from the hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Contact Mrs. King for additional information.

DMS Presents: PTO/Family Math Night

Our first-ever academic night was a great success! A special Thank You to the staff and faculty, Mrs. Pat Edwards for providing testing information as well as PTO for providing refreshments and door prizes! Missed the first one? No problem! Check the upcoming events below for future Family Nights, and while your at it, check out the cool pictures!

Upcoming Events Aka, Other Places We're Going...

PTO/Family Science & Social Studies Night

Tuesday, March 24th, 6pm

1501 North Jefferson Street

Dublin, GA

It's back! Come and enjoy a night of fun and learning as we delve into the world of Science and Social Studies. Engage in cool activities, receive a refresher course on Milestones Testing and other cool tips as well as enter to win a cool door prize! Refreshments will also be served at this event to help quench your thirst for learning. See Ms. Washington for further details and DON'T MISS IT!!

Don't Forget!

Early Dismissal : March 19

Students will dismiss early for Pancake Supper activities between 11:00 and 11:30. Please make arrangements for your child.

School's Out!

Friday, March 20th

Spring Break!

It's Spring Break time for Dublin Middle School!

April 6-10

Georgia Milestones Testing

April 20th-30th.