The Black Cat


The Narrator

The narrator has major issues. This unnamed character is an abusive bully and a murderer. He made a living hell for his wife, pets, and himself. He's writing to us from his prison cell, on the eve of his scheduled death by hanging. In addition to the details of his heinous crimes, he reveals his psychological transformation from nice-guy to villain. He tells us that around the time he murdered his wife.


Pluto is fine specimen of a cat. All black, large, fuzzy, and "and sagacious to an astonishing degree" . Sagacious is a cool word to know. It means extremely wise, intelligent, and perceptive.Over the years Pluto moves from a pampered pet to an abused beast. He is blinded and ultimately murdered by his owner. The narrator might have us believe that he is actually a witch in disguise for the narrator's wife more transforming from witch to Pluto, to the second black cat. To be fair, we gave the second cat his own so be , we are focusing on the cat the narrator calls Pluto.