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The Mayans were part of ancient civilizations along with the Incas and the Aztecs. The mayans were different from the others because they were located in Mexico and Central America. Another reason they were different is because they built out of stone, everything they built was built in stone, From their houses to their Government buildings to their City Hall.


The ancient Incas were different from the Mayans and the Aztecs because they built their houses out of FieldStone which is a compressed stone that is made for building they were also different because they invented a way to write in string, which is most likely impossible nowadays. They were located in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina where no other ancient civilization was located. They also had their way of art which was pottery which was in common with the ancient Aztecs.

Some pictures of the ancient civilizations


The ancient Aztec civilization is the last ancient civilization in the 3. They are located in Mexico City, They invented modern day Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Popcorn, and Manditory Education, (School). they also used pottery for art like the Incas did. They have also made some of the things we use in modern day life like School, and Chewing Gum, (Which we aren't alowwed to chew in school.)
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Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization

The ancient Chinese

The ancient Chinese made lots of things from Tea To Paper To Gunpowder. But there are 3 things the ancient Chinese made that really stand out, 1. The Wheel Barrow 2. Gunpowder and 3. The Harness. All 3 of these advanced ancient china in different ways, like The wheel barrow made it easy to move heavy things like tools or building matrials, or stuff that you can't carry like dirt and soil. Gunpowder advanced ancient China by allowing them to make weapons that helped them fight (Even though they never won a war). Gunpowder also opened the door to fireworks for them to celbrate with they celebrated things like The Chinese New Year, and Birthdays. The Harness also helped them advance by giving them the opportunity to move animals like horses, pigs, and cows without a struggle.

The civilizations way of farming

Each civilization had their own way of farming like, The Incas had Terraces

The Aztecs used Canals and Terraces and hill farming and The Mayans had Terraces and hill canals. they all had their ways of farming and they were all different.

Learning about the Mesoamerican civilizations

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