Maori People

The Maori Wars

In the 19th century the New Zealand wars was onced named the Maori wars. The war took place between 1845-1872. The conflict over sovereignty and land led to wars between the government forces and some of the maori tribes. The war first started in 1840 when maori still had the majority of the land. The most widespread camaign was the collision between the British empire and the Maori King, this took place at Taranaki, Waikato. After the Maori Land was confiscated by the government there was tension after the wars.

Maori Legends

Maui was a demi god who was from Hawaiiki who had magical powers. He once went fishing with his brother when he was'nt supposed to. Maui used his magical powers making the shore line seem much further away. Eventually Maui started fishing with his magic hook, after a while there was a strong tug on the line, stronger than usual. After much struggle pulling the fish suddenly surfaced over the water. They suddenly landed on an Island (New Zealand) Maui thought there was a problem with the gods so he went to make peace with them. While he was gone his brothers got into a arguement, got their weapons out and started hitting the fish. With each hit that contacted the fish, the land would start to make mountains and valleys of the North Islands today.

Maori Culture and Traditions