BY Gary paulsen


Brian's winter is basically about a boy getting stranded in the wilderness. winter is coming so he needs to get supplies and prepare for whats to come. whether its hunting moose or making clothes and snow shoes. so when you read this be prepared for a great story.

Gary Paulsen

Gary is one of the best known writers today. he has written Hatchet, Brian's winter, Brian's return, the river, Brian's hunt. the books i listed all include Brian Robinson.

Gary was born may 17 1939. he has written many well known books. most of his books are based off of real life events.


BRIAN- he is the protagonist and he has to survive in bad conditions and collect things to survive and hope that he gets rescued.

WILDERNESS-it is the antagonist because it causes Brian to live hard and do certain things to survive.

BETTY-the skunk that sprays the bear and saves Brian.

THE CREE FAMILY- the fur traders at the end when he gets saved by this family


THE WILDERNESS- Brian lives here and has to survive this is Brian's home, hunting grounds, Brian has a camp set up near the lake. while in the wilderness Brian encounters many dangers like bears, wolves, moose, hunger, SURVIVAL.

personal choices

i think that the Brian series is a really good one and i would recommend it to anyone that is into survival books and into good books.