Searching For A New Home

Kepler 452b also known as Earth 2.0

Fun Facts About My Planet...

  • Kepler 452b is also commonly known as Naboo.
  • The star that Naboo orbits is very similar to our sun.
  • A year on Naboo is only 21 days longer than a year on Earth.
  • Naboo orbits its star at a similar distance that the Earth orbits the sun.

Getting To Know Kepler 452b...

Diameter: Around 12,800miles (21,000km)

Average Distance from its Sun: 98 million miles (158 million km)

Average Temperature: unknown

Length of Day: unknown

Length of year: 385 days

Mass: 4 to 5 times that of Earth, prediction of two point nine eight six times ten to the twenty fifth power.

Radius: 10500km

Number of Moons: none

Number of Rings: none

If I Traveled to Kepler 452b...

  • If I were on my planet I would be 1 year younger than I am now, and therefore I would be 13!
  • Kepler 452b is 1,400 light years away from Earth!

Fun Facts...

  • The value of "g" on my planet would be 18.04
  • I would weigh approximately 816.462N
  • And if my space ship can travel 0.1C it would take me 1,400 years to get to my planet.

Problems With Kepler 452b...

  • The distance between Earth and Kepler 452b is way to long to travel with our space craft today, but eventually if we made a faster space craft to get us there within a few years then it could be possible to travel there.
  • Water could eventually dry up on Kepler 452b from the sun so therefore the planet may need a bit more shade.
  • Another problem on Kepler 452b is that you weigh twice as much as you do on Earth. So that means in order to be able to function on the planet we would need to practice holding up twice as much weight as usual.
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