Would you visit the past if you could? I would visit the past so i could see what life was back then and the people. I would travel back to the samurai period because there’s a lot I find interesting. For example the people showed each other respect unlike now. The culture was incredible. They all had jobs and they started them as soon as they woke up. The fighting was one of my favorite things about the samurai period. I would master the fighting and learn all the knowledge, then I would come back to the present and be 100x's smarter.


what is a hero? a hero to me is someone whos shows courage and braverly. A hero is also someone who fights for thier believes and rights. forexample like martin luther king, hes a hero he fought for his rights for equal rights. He went through alot of trouble to get where we are today. This shows his extreme bravery and u Another example like firefighters and police are heros because they save lifes daily. So a hero isn't just superheros, their people in the real life that are all around us. One of my favorite hero is U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. That movie inspired me so much that's one reason why I'm going to be a navy seal. Single parents are also heroes, they can have 2 to 3 jobs providing for their family.

Is love stronger than hate? i think love is stronger because it brings people together. unlike hate, hate brakes people up and causes sadness and other emotions. Love brings peace and calmness. Its basically saying love is heaven and hate is hell. If everyone hated each other it would be horrible. Having love in your life makes It so much easier. That's why people get married because their really in love with each other. Having love in your life is really important, nobody wants hate in their life that would just be stupid. Love is one of the most strongest thing in the world like a mother loving her children or a kid loving their puppy. Love is the binding tie for all humanity. Love is there to bind us all together; hatred is there to divide and conquer.

semester reflection

Dear MS Pineda,

This years English 9 was honestly one of my favorite classes I've ever had. I think I could of tried a little harder but I had a A to B average this year so I think I did good. One of my favorite parts this year was that you were really cool about everything and how you let us listen to music when we did are work. My favorite project was most the commercial project we just did I thought it was fun and creative. I really liked everything we did this year so I don't have anything I didn't like. I'm really going to miss English 9 and having a great teacher like you.

Sincerely, chance mcmillion