Grade 6 Extended


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Ask not what your House can do for you, but what you can do for your House...

An extraordinary week of unity, enthusiasm and commitment. Each child demonstrated immense courage as they faced the challenge of running for House Captain. There have been many magical moments in the UES, over the years, last Wednesday was another chapter of true excellence and our Grade 6 Extended children were real Champions of Change.

Virtue of the Week: Tolerence


Being tolerant is accepting differences. You don't expect others to look, speak or act like you. Tolerance is accepting things that you wish were different with patience and flexibility

Election Week - enjoy the memories


The children worked on solving the perimeter of a figure consisting of semicircles and quadrants. This topic involves a lot of visualisation skills. Hence, children were encouraged to trace the lines of the figure, write the notes beside the number sentences and label the figure. All these will help the children solve the problems efficiently and accurately.

After the Chinese New Year break, the children will start exploring the process of finding the area of the circle, semicircle and quadrant.

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Telunas Service Trip - February 1st - 5th

Monday February 1st Update

Meet in the HS hall from 7.45 am

If you arrive early please wait at the pick up point

Bus will leave at 8.15 am from HS

Bring a travel bag with a bottle of water, book to read and a snack.

Don't forget to pack and old pair of long trousers for our days on the island working at the village school. These trousers will be covered in mud and building materials! Nothing close fitting and no leggings!

If you have any questions please contact me via my email -

Telunas Preparation

Twas the night before Telunas.....

As the days draw closer and closer to our Telunas Trip the children are showing clear signs of excitement and commitment as we prepare for our time in the village. In class we have been practicing a class song: 'Best Day of my Life' to sing to the locals. It seems a very appropriate choice as we all embark on this wonderful journey together, creating life long memories for all the children. In addition to this the normal classroom conversation have swayed from English to Bahasa. The children are now very comfortable greeting each other and participating in a small conversation. Once again, their diligence and perseverance to learning some key phrases highlights their enthusiasm about the upcoming trip!

Bahasa Classroom directions

· Stand up – berdiri

· Sit down – duduk

· Get into 2 –masuk ke dua anak

· Get into 3 –masuk ke tiga anak

· good – bagus/baik

· wrong - salah

· yes - ya

· no - tidak

· Very good – sangat baik

· Excellent – baik sikali

Recap from last week -Top 10 Words/phases to learn

· please - silahkan

· thank you - terima kasi

· welcome - selamat datang

· good morning - selamat Pagi

· goodnight - selamat malam

· sorry - ma'af

· excuse me – permisi

· How are you - Apa kabar?

· What is your name - siapa nama

· My name is... nama saya...