The Four Generations of Computers

What are they?

The First Generation.

Charles Babage was a engineer. he created an analoge computer. This was nick named the father computer and was the first working programmable computer of all time.

The Second Generation.

The next generation is an advanced analouge computer. This was developed in the first half of the 20th century. The first of this kind is a tide predicting machine invented by sir william thompson.

The Third Generation.

This is the age of the first digital, electronic computers. These were first used as calculators and used electro magnets to do their calculations. They then transfered to some of the things we know today. Theese computers filled a whoile room and were difficult to use.

The Last Generation.

this is the generations we know and love. since the third gen computers have developed to be hand held and portable. they have also become fast and with the introduction of the world wide web and the internet they have grown fast. There are now 100,000,000 computers in use at the moment
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