ICT used in graphics

How is it used in the situation

What are the benefits?

ICT is widely used in manufacturing graphics products. Its benefits are that:

  • it makes it easy to produce accurate, complex, standardised drawings
  • it allows complex shapes to be made with ease and precision
  • it enables changes to be made quickly and easily
  • it greatly simplifies batch or mass production

What machines are used? What are there purpose?

2D CAM machines

Cutters can be used for cutting of card and vinyl, or (by replacing the blade with a pen) to produce drawings and lettering due to cutting.

Cutter/printers are more comples CAM machines which print full-colour printing before cutting is done.

3D CAM machines

These are used for cutting plastics, hard wax, soft metals and wood-based materials such as MDF. They are used to make prototype models and moulds for vacuum-forming.

Some machines can scan in 3D by replacing the cutting tool with a scanner.

Is it a dangerous job?

Health and safety

Everyone involved in designing and making products has a responsibility to lower risks to themselves or others. Any activity, substance or tool that could potentially cause harm is a hazard. There are different hazards during production, when the product is finished, and when it is being disposed of.

A risk assessment shows hazards and puts steps in place to reduce the chances of hazards happening.