2-Day Tales

A Peek Inside Our Preschool Classroom

Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Nier's Class April 26, 2013


The children stenciled their t-shirts yesterday....we'll be sending these home on Thursday.

We're reviewing shapes, letters and numbers. These review exercises will actually be part of a little preschool keepsake book that each child will bring home on our last day, 5/16. Progress reports will also be sent home on the 16th.

Since yesterday was "Freeze Dance Friday", we had lots of fun moving around to our favorite song, "Freeze Dance"....we also had a blast doing the "Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap" song on the same CD; it starts out slowly and gradually builds to a very quick pace -- lots of movement and laughs -- and good listening skills!

The playground was full of options for more fun: riding toys, sand boxes, chalk, bubbles, toy trucks in mulch, "ice cream shop" in the LIttle Tykes house, and lots of chasing each other around! We really enjoyed our time outside this week.

It's wonderful to see some of the acts of kindness and sharing by the children: sometimes it's giving a toy to a friend, or offering to give up a color on the rug to another child to sit on, or helping a friend. The children are so terrific.


...we'll be making a little something for our special mommies!

END OF YEAR FAMILY PICNIC -- I'll keep this posted as a reminder -- NOTE: THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT

We'll wrap up our school year with a family picnic on Thursday, 5/23 at Bush Park. We'll ask each family to sign up to bring a dish (salad or dessert) to share. We recommend that you pack a sandwich for your child. Reminder: all preschool events are peanut-free. The school provides water, utensils and paper products. This is always a nice way to get together to bring the school year to a close.


May calendars were sent home this week. Where has the year gone? There are just 5 regular class days left in our school year! Mrs. Nier and I intend to embrace every last minute we have with the children!