By: Meshach

Who is My Leader?

There are many people in the world to choose from as my leader, but since my options were reduced because of limitations, I decided to do my assignment on why I dont have any leaders. I dont have any leaders because I dont see my family, friends or teachers as leaders.

Reasons why people in my family aren't my leader

I wouldn't choose my brother or my sister because they are younger than me and I don't learn anything from them. Although my parents have some leadership qualities I wouldn't choose them because they have done and said many things that i don't see a leader doing or saying.

Reasons why my friends aren't my leaders

I have many friends to choose from to be my leader, but most of them cannot be leaders at all. my friends and I like ruckus and playing around. They do things that can get me in trouble and sometimes can get me injured. Sometimes we act like jackasses(as puplin would say) and do stupid stuff or disrespect teachers.

Reasons why my teachers aren't my leaders

For years I've had problems with teachers, between me disrespecting them and them disrespecting me. Sometimes teachers complain or bother students for no reason. many of my teachers were not sexist, but favoured the girls over the boys and would always complain if the boys did something little. i understand that some care, but alot of them care too much. One of my teachers doesn't see me as a leader because I don't do things that they think a leader should do which i don't agree with.
My only leader is God because he is perfect and now i see why puplin wouldn't let us do our assignment on him because it really is too easy to do my assignment on him and everyone probably would have used him too.