Empires in Collision


Significance of these map's on time

  • 1793- Chinese reject British request for open trade
  • 1798- Napolean invades Egypt
  • 1830s- Famine and rebellions in Japan
  • 1838-1876 Tanzimat reforms in the ottoman empires (reorganization, took shape as the Ottaman leadership sought to provide the economic, social, and legal underpinnings for a strong and newly decentralized state)
  • 1850-1864 Taiping uprising in China (The absence of any internal upheaval,which threatened the very existence of the ruling dynasty)
  • 1856-1858 second opium war (The British, offended by the seizure of their property in opium and emboldened by their new military power,sent a naval expedition to China, determined to end the restrictive conditions under which they had long traded with that country.)
  • 1853- admiral perry arrives in Japan
  • 1868- Meiji Restoration in Japan (a brief civil war was triggered and by 1868 led to a political takeover by a group of young samari from southern Japan)
  • 1894-1895 Sino-Japanese war
  • 1896- Ethiopian defeat of Italy preserves Ehtiopia's independence
  • 1899-1901 Boxer rebellion in China
  • 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese war (
  • 1908- Young Turk takeover in Ottaman Empire (
  • 1910- Japan annexes Korea
  • 1911- Chinese revolution; end of Qing dynasty