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4th September

Adobe Voice

Developer blurb:

There's power in your Voice.

Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that lets you make an impact with an amazing animated video. Persuade, inform and inspire anyone online.

Adobe Voice lets students use images, text, music and their voice to create a video in minutes. The app is very easy to use and videos can quickly be saved to the camera roll which is a huge bonus.

Adobe Voice has many practical uses in the classroom. Students can create videos that explain concepts or raise awareness around an issue. Students could create digital stories or retellings - it has huge potential in the classroom.

Students can insert their own images, but the app has an inbuilt search feature which searches for images with Creative Commons licensing and references the photos which is a huge bonus.

Teachers need to make a generic account for students to access the app and I'd advise making the videos private. There are two examples below from my class: one uses text and music, the other voice. Adobe Voice allows them to make high-quality, impressive and engaging videos quickly and easily.

Materials - with text
Materials - with voice