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A glimpse into your child's past week! December 4

Important Reminder: Late Start is this coming Wednesday, 12/9!

Thank you for your efforts at home! This week I had more students turning in Reading Logs and doing their nightly Math Homework than ever before! This leads me to believe that we all need a 4.5 day weekend....EVERY week!

We are picking up the pace a bit in third grade. Partly because I know that given a challenge the kids can rise to meet it, and partly because 'tis the season to get into a little mischief...regardless of whichever Elf may or may not be watching. (Can you please remind your child that those little elves follow them to school?!?!?)

Holiday Store - this coming WEDNESDAY afternoon

Earlier this week students took home a white Holiday Store envelope. This envelope should come back with your child if you are wishing for them to shop at the Holiday Store on Wednesday, 12/9. There will be a makeup day on Thursday morning for students who forget their money on Wednesday.

Holiday Party

We have a Holiday Party planned for Monday, December 21st at 2:15. A sign-up for both materials and helpers will be sent home soon. Thank you to Mrs. Nogueras and Mrs. Bader for coordinating the events once again!


We began our Light & Sound Unit by distinguishing between things that produce light and things that do not. We also got out the Light Boxes and played around with making shadows. We learned that in order to make a shadow LARGER, we must move the object CLOSER to the light source. Likewise, to make a shadow SMALLER, the object must be moved AWAY from the light source. Furthermore, we learned that light rays travel through objects differently. When light rays hit water, they bend. This is called REFRACTION.

Finally, opaque objects block all light, translucent objects let in some light, and transparent objects let all light through.


In Social Studies we've learned about the Early Americans, also known as Native Americans or American Indians. Students discussed why they live where they live, after noticing that Native Americans lived by water. We speculated that there was a reason that Native Americans stayed close to water - fishing, bathing, drinking, cooking and travel relied on water.


We are in the midst of Topic 5. Students have learned how to multiply by 2, 5, 0, 1, 9 and 10. We will continue to practice these facts next week. We will review for our Topic 5 Test on Wednesday and will take our actual Topic 5 Test on Thursday.

We have also begun Multiplication Sundae quick quizzes. This means that students will be taking an (almost) daily quick quiz on the fact that they are working to master. Once they pass the quick quiz (40 problems, all correct in 3 minutes), they will earn a portion of their sundae. Our actual Sundae Party will take place in February, but it's important to get working on memorizing the facts NOW!!!

The link below is great for choosing and practicing the facts your child is currently struggling with.


In addition to the Library books they check out each week, your child should have taken AR quizzes on the following books that I've read to them so far:

Big image
Also, in reading this week, another Reading Group asked to practice and perform a play. I will post it in the area below once they perform later this afternoon.


In writing we are in the very beginning stages of learning about Realistic Fiction. Students have learned that these types of stories can be written in first person or third. They have brainstorms possible story topics and have read a couple of example stories. We will continue to learn about this genre next week!


Link to our Class Schedule

Tuesdays - Library 2:00 - 2:45

Fridays - Computer Lab 9:30 - 10:30

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement



Gaby taught us all about the great work she does DAILY with her family's Good Karma Puppy Rescue! We learned so much about her kind heart.

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