Acremonium consists of approximately 100 species.

What is Acremonium?

Acremonium is a genus of fungus that consists of approximately 100 species. Acremonium can be toxic if ingested. The presence of this slow-growing, mold can be detected by its unpleasant smell in the air. Acremonium can thrive on an assortment of substrates, making it difficult to control. Its natural habitat is decaying or dead plant material and soil. It can develop in food and thrive off of interior areas with high levels of humidity. Other contaminants could include soil, plant debris, and rotting mushrooms. The main implicated illness is Acremonium Kiliense.

This can be treated in three or more weeks with antibiotics. More severe cases can be deadly. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, infections in the skin, and enlarged kidneys. Prevention for Acremonium can be steps such as planting crops correctly, and keeping buildings at a nice room temperature instead of at a high humidity level.