Humble ISD Dyslexia News

October 2016


Celebrate good times, come on!!

  • Summerwood Elementary teachers and students are "loving the app!" They say it makes the first part of the lesson move more quickly!!
  • Atascocita Springs added a new member to the team, Mary Burke! Welcome, Mary!
  • Ridge Creek Elementary students say that they love the new Barton program!

Questions & Answers...

Question: What STAAR accommodations are appropriate for a student with dyslexia? A student with dysgraphia? A few teachers have asked about multiplication charts for 4th graders and calculators for 5th graders. Is that appropriate?

Answer: October 13th, we will have Christina Trotter at our monthly meeting to go over all of the changes and STAAR accommodations, so please plan on being there! Accommodations are assigned on a student-by-student basis and never one size fits all. Regarding the use of a calculator, the student must meet one of the eligibility criteria found at the following link: file:///C:/Users/kelias/Downloads/2016_Calculation_Devices.pdf