My Goals & dreams

Steven Garcia

Academic Goals.

My academic goals are to go to Stanford university and get my doctors degree.

Athletic goals.

My athletic goals are to get an award for being a great player.

Personal goals.

My personal goals are to become a marine biologist or a marine photographer.

Physical obstacles.

A physical obstacle for me is my eye sight, it's not in the best shape right now.

Family obstacles.

A family obstacle for me is nothing really my family is pretty wealthy everyone's happy.

School obstacles.

A school obstacle for me is not failing, I haven't dropped below a C yet this year and it probably won't but it is hard to maintain my grades as A&B's.

Financial obstacles.

Financial obstacles are not a problem towards me.

Teachers or coaches I can rely on for help.

A few teachers/coaches I know I can trust are Ms.Stamper, Mr.Jezowski, Mrs.Tubbs, Ms.Nguyen, and Ms.Z.

Relatives I can rely on.

I can rely on my mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandma, and my cousins.

Friends I may rely on.

I can rely on Leo, Dereck, Brandon, Eligha, Haris, and my best pal Alec.

Attitude/Motavation plans.

My plans are to stay positive make positive choices and motivate my self by listening to positivety.

Training plan.

My training plan is to try really hard, work hard and keep my grades up throughout high school so maybe Stanford University will accept me.

Plan for acquiring needed skills.

My plan is if I have trouble then I could maybe see the teacher after school I can ask for help or pay for a tutor and he/she could help me study or can go over things with me.

Plan for study and practice.

My plan is to use cornel notes, Mr.Jezowski mentioned that they are great if you need to study anything. If the notes don't work I can always use flash cards.