Zombie Apocalypse ?

Why People Shoudnt Be Afraid Of Zombies : Elaine And Lupe

Zombie Apocalypse

What if a zombie apocalypse was real ? Huh ? Well .. we all know that in a zombie apocalypse is a major breakdown to lots of people ! People yell .. screamed .. run for their lives ..and just panic . How Does People Turn Into Zombie ? Well we all know that you turn into a zombie by a bite or a scratch . - Elaine

Wait .. Zombies Would What ? ...

Wait .. what if zombies can become humans again ?? What if zombies can be like us again ?? - Elaine

Zombies Arent Scaryyy ...

Dont you think that zombies can be humans like that ? Like imagine .. we can cure all zombies ! Sooo .. why would be scare of them ? Yes , they attack us and eat us .. but i think that it takes practice or courage to defend ourselves and not be scare and just think about the positve not the negative .... - Guadalupe