Spain joining the European Union

First of all, on November/29/1978 the commission gives a favorable opinion for The application for the membership of Spain. Finally on Febuary/5/1979 the Spanish accession negotiations formally opened in Brussels and Spain join's the European Union. Lastly, Spain is not a founding member of the European Union.

Spain's past

Spain was originally part of the French empire and it was also ruled by the moors but Spain was never part of any other country.

Spain's location

Spain is surrounded by Portugal to the west and Franceand Andorra to the North-East and also to the South of Spain there is the Alboran Sea plus there is the Balearic Sea to the East and the Bay of Biscay to the North. Lastly to the west of Spain there is the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain's Falg

The flag of Spain, adopted on 6 December 1978, features a large horizontal stripe of yellow through the center and a smaller stripe of red on the top and bottom. An emblem is offset to the left horizontally and centered vertically.

Major cities in Spain

Geography of Spain

In Spain there are mountain ranges such as the Pyrenees mountain range in the north, the Iberian mountain range in central Spain, and the Sierra Nevada in the south. Also Spain's longest river is the Ebro river. Lastly, Spain is part of the Iberian peninsula.

Government Type

Spain's government is a parliamentary government where the king is the head of the state but the president is the head of the government. Also the president is the leader most of the time. Spain's genarl courts consist of 257 senators and 350 congres of deputies. Lastly elections are held every four years but can sometimes be held earlier.

Major Attractions

Currency Type

From 1892-2002 it was originally pesetas then it was changed to Euro's and from 2002 to now.

Interesting Facts

  • On La Gomera, one of the Canary Ilanda, some residents speak an ancient whistling language called Silbo Gomero.
  • Though Spain is known for bullfighting it is Illegal in the Canery ilands and in Catalonia.
  • Instead of the tooth fairy, Spainsh children put their teeth under their pillows at night and wait for Ratoncitl Perez, the tooth mouse, to come and exchange them for gifts.
  • 3 children die out of 1000 children