Best Friends

Dacy, Kayla, and Savana

Dacy Slayton

Dacy is on of my best friends, she goes to church with me. She is funny, nice, and always has a smile on her face. She is following me on Instagram and I am following her. Her favorite food is steak, her favorite color is orange. Her full name is Dacy Michelle Slayton. She is one of my best buddies!!

Kayla Moore

Kayla is one or my best friends as well, we met because of band and we have been friends sense. She plays the Oboe and I play the flute. Her favorite food is PIZZA, and her favorite color is Purple.Her full name is Kayla Brianne Moore. she has been my friend sense the start of middle school!!

Savana Woodard

Savana is also one of my best friends, I met her through Kayla. She has 2 animals a dog and a cat. Her favorite food is muffins, her favorite color is blue like me. Her full name is Savana Marie Woodard. She has also been my friend sense the start of middle school.

About ME!!

My favorite color is blue, my favorite food is tomatoes, and my favorite animal is a monkey! I hate when people call me Madison. I have 1 dog and a giunea pig, my dogs name is Rascal and my giunea pig is birdie. Also I have a Brother his name is Dawson. I love My Life!!!