Canadian Teen Culture


The things that are important to me are. My computer, tablet, phone, hockey sticks etc. These things are important to me because I either use them or take care of them. And all these objects are around me everyday and bring me joy and happiness
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Customs and Traditions

My customs i celebrate my Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Saint Patricks day, Canada day, etc. I also have a tradition with my dad me and him usually invite the whole neighbourhood over at our house to watch the stanley cup. We normally do this every year because it is very fun and enjoyable.
The Golden Goal


I celebrate my birthday because in my family that is a special day and it was the day i was born and every year on that day i turn 1 year older


I only do this holiday to get the free candy. What kid dosent like free candy im not to fond of the whole dress up as a thing and then go out and say trick or treat i just like the candy that you dont pay for :).


I celebrate this holiday to get to see my family and friends and o've course give and recieve gifts. This is one of my favorite holidays because in addition to getting gifts and seeing family ands friendsw i get a bunch of time of school.


I love celebrating Easter it is awesome because i get chocolate the Easter bunny is fake because im smart but i dont want to crush my sisters dreams of saying that it is so i have to go along with it. Me and my brother tend to struggle with doing that.


The language I use everyday is English and I use French at school I also text and use slang like lol, idk, jk, rofl, brb, gtg, omw, etc. I find slang shortcuts to save a few seconds in my life. Brb means be right back, gtg means got to go, jk means just kidding, Rolf means roll on the floor laughing, lol means laugh out loud, and idk means i don't know. And I find this very useful

Core values

My core values are my family, friends, and my dog. These are the most important thing to me without a family or a mom or dad I wouldn't be here right now. Without having friends would be boring you would have nothing to do and life we suck. My dog I love playing with my dog walking him, etc. He a small furball full of joy and doesn't bark a lot and I couldn't live without him.
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