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Population in Bangladesh

The population in Bangladesh is increasing in younger children. the population now is mostly young adults and out weigh the older population. the amount of females and males are even. The population at 1950 was 50 million, now in 2016 has increased by over 100 million.
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Cultural Traits of Bangladesh

  • 98% of the population is from Bengali ethnicity.
  • The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali.
  • The religions of the population is Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, and other by 1%.
  • Many people now speak English and Urdu.
  • Bangladesh is mainly a rural area.
  • Houses in villages are made of dried mud, bamboo and red bricks.
  • Rice and fish are the foundation of the diet.
  • Muslims do not eat pork and Hindu's do not eat beef.
  • The responsibility of raising children goes to the mother.
  • Food is eaten with the right hand.
  • woman typically do not wear pants. As well adults do not wear shorts.
  • In rural areas men will wear lungi.

Political (ESPN)

Bangladesh has been independent from Pakistan since 1971. It was known as East Pakistan before. The nation had parliamentary democracy until Sheik Mujibar Rahman, the president at the time, was assassinated in 1974. From 1975 to 1990 the power was held by the military. Now since 1991, the power has alternated between Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Awami League. A short time from 2007 to 2008 was yet again under military power because of corruption and violence. Now since 2013 Abdul Hamid has been president of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is a developing country. In recent years the GDP has grown by 6%. This is helping the people of Bangladesh escape poverty and corruption. There is rich alluvial soil which is perfect for farming, which helps give people many jobs. There is a lot of underemployment in Bangladesh. Now in recent years, Many countries are helping this country. US buys the Exports the most than any other country. This is helping Bangladesh grow as country and help fix the many flaws they face. This is changing the culture because now people are getting jobs and providing people with more opportunities.


Politics in Bangladesh have changed the culture of the people. Now it is a constitutional republic. It is giving the power more to the people than the government which was in past years. It is giving this country more of an opportunity to grow. It is slowly growing it and Bangladesh is now one of the Frontier five and Next Eleven Emerging Market.
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