Ev Staff News

March 23, 2018

Spring IT Inventory

The IT Department would like to come to your site over Spring Break, specifically April 2nd, 3rd and maybe a half day on the 4th if necessary, to inventory all site tech equipment. If you could please let your staff know we'll be coming, and also ask them to help us out with the following:

  • Have them pull any technology devices out of any hidden areas (closets, drawers, floorboards...) and leave them out in their classroom in plain sight so we can inventory them
  • If they lock their media carts, we can access those but if they have a combination padlock on carts or closets where they are storing devices, please have them send me the combination
  • If they have any spare chargers for any type of device, please have them label those and we'll collect those too

This is not an e-waste pick-up - that would need to be coordinated with Maintenance - but an audit of our technology inventory. With Summer School taking place at your site this summer, we want to make sure we have current information!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

LCAP and Staff Meeting

The staff meeting will include a presentation on the LCAP and ask for your feedback. We will review district goals, the presentation, summary of current goals, your individual feedback (if you want) and our suggestions for LCAP priorities.

When looking at the LCAP it is important to remember it is a 5 million dollar budget for ELL, SES, Foster Youth and Homeless students to advance their learning. It is also, important to remember that these are district goals.

For example: All students should be college ready upon graduation from high school. AVID is a program that could support this goal.

These are not site specific but a district view!



LCAP Summary

Feedback Form

EV Single Plan Summary

Site Priorities

To be completed by Maite with staff input

LCAP Priorities



March 23 - Restructuring Team meeting & ELAC 6pm

March 26 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm (LCAP presentation & Bridges planning)

March 29 - Maite at EP meeting am only

March 30 - Parent Cafe


April 2 - Golf Tournament

April 2- 6 Spring Break

April 11 - Spring Picture Day

April 12 and 13 - Maite at a conference

April 16 - District Grade Level meeting 3:45pm at EV & Bullying Forum 6pm

April 17 - Purple Pinkie at lunch

April 18 - Oral Langauge Faire

April 16 to May 4 - ELPAC TK to First

April 23 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm (Bridges planning)

April 26 - Maite out all day at DO

April 27 - SSC 3:30pm & ELAC 6pm


May 4 - Cinco de mayo 5pm

May 7 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm

May 18 - Restructuring Team meeting

May 21 - Staff meeting 3:30pm (survey- bring laptops)

May 23 - Open House 5pm

May 24 - Coffee Cart & Maite out at DO

May 25 - EV Field Day, EV BBQ, SSC 3:30pm & ELAC 6pm

May 28 - Holiday

May 29 - Preschool grad

May 30 - Award Assembly 9am

May 31 - Promo 9am