By : Sirmalachi Simpkins,Emily Chang & Khai Mathlage


The Powhatan were a Algonquin tribe. Their ruler was chief powhatan from 1547 to 1618. He ruled 30 other tribes.His favorite daughter is Powcahantas.

Daily Life

The males shoot their targets before they can have their breakfast and the females do the farming and cooking and basket weaving and make the clothes.

Yearly life

Each year they celebrate the seasons: the blossoming of spring,the first earring of corn,summer sun,corn harvest and Cohonk. The boys have many important tests ; the survival test and the shaman test ; in the survival test they were to go in to the wild and stay there for nine months then they were given a weird type of drug so they can forget their past life because their loyalty only belonged to the god Okewas and no one else then they would return and then choose a wife to marry , they were allowed to have as many wives as they want . In the shaman test they had to tell the future to their elders.

The Powhatan creation story

In the beginning great mother earth had two sons named Glooskap and Maslum . Glooskap was good and wise but Maslum is evil and cruel . when the earth mother died , Glooskap started making plants , animals , and humans while his brother was selfish and evil and made poisonous plants and snakes and started planning on killing Glooskap . Maslum pestered Glooskap with questions trying to find his weakness . Glooskap could not tell lie and told Maslum his weakness was a owl feather ; Maslum then sneaked off and made a dart out off a owl feather then used it to kill his brother . The evil maslum however did not realize that Glooskap was all good and can´t be killed. Glooskap knew Maslum must be killed .Glooskap killed Maslum. Maslum spirit went in the earth .

Time Line

1547: Wahunsancock, who became known as Powhatan was born at the Algonquian Powhatan Village on the James River- Refer to Wahunsancock (Powhatan) Biography.

1580: The Powhatan Confederacy was founded around 1580. The land of the Powhatan Confederacy reached 16, 000 miles and the people of it's 30 Indian tribes numbered over 15, 000.

1607: The first English Colony was founded by John Smith at Jamestown, Virginia. The land in Virginia chosen for colonisation was in the Powhatan territories.

1607: December- Capt. John Smith was captured by a Powhatan hunting party and taken before Chief Powhatan. The daughter of Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas (Indian name Matoaka) saves the life of John Smith.

1608: January- Capt. John smith is released.

1608: Powhatan, intrigued by the new tools and weapons, helps the Jamestown Colony survive with food which they traded for blue beads.

1608: The tradition of crowning a Native American Indian chief as a king.

1608: The friendly association between the Powhatan and the Colonists, initiated by John Smith, resulted in a formal coronation of Chief Powhatan on September 10, 1608 starting the tradition of crowning Native American Indian Chiefs as a king.

1609: The newly formed friendship soon deteriorated and tensions between the Indians and Colonists rose when livestock, owned by the Colonists, were allowed to wander into the Powhatan cornfields.

1609: The Powhatan reduced trade attempting to starve the Colonists out and attacks are made on the fort and the Powhatan wars (1609- 1646) erupt led first by Wahunsonacock) and then Opechancanough.

1609: The first Powhatan war (1609- 1614).

1609: The period covering 1609- 1610 became known in the Virginia Colony as the 'Starving Time'.

1613: Samuel Argall captured Pocahontas, the daughter of Chief Powhatan, and she was held for ransom. Pocahontas was taken to Jamestown where she converted to Christianity and took the name Rebecca.

1614: Violent confrontation between hundreds of English and Powhatan men on the Pamunkey River, Virginia.

1614: New settler arrived in Virginia including John Rolfe who marries Pocahontas, the daughter of Chief Powhatan, on April 5, 1614.

1616: Pocahontas, John Rolfe and their son Thomas Rolfe travel to England.

1617: Pocahontas dies in England and was buried on March 21, 1617, St. George's Church, Gravesend, Kent.

1618: The death of Chief Powhatan. His brother Opechancanough assumes full power.