Welcome to Wayne County, NC

Goldsboro, NC

What is the biggest tourist attraction in this County ?

One of the most visited tourist attractions in this county is the Seymour Johnson Air force Base. The 4th wing fighter has a very long history of distinguished innovation. This base has a very friendly staff, that will make you not want to leave. The 4th wing fighter has always led the fights of fight since world war II, and other operations around the globe. Seymour Johnson AFB is located in the coastal plains of North Carolina. If you ever get chance to visit Wayne County take what i have said into consideration, and give it a try.

About Wayne County

Foundation and Board of Commisioners

Wayne County was founded in the year of 1779. And was also named after a General in the American Revolutionary War, that goes by the name of Mad Anthony Wayne. There are 7 members on the board of commissioners in this County. Lee Smith is the county manager as well.


Wayne County is located in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina. Goldsboro is the County Seat of this County. Bordering Wayne County is Wilson County, Greene County, Lenoir County, Duplin County, Sampson County, and Johnston County.


2 of the main Landmarks in this County is the Neuse River and seven springs.
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