Toys For Tots Helping Kids in Need

Putting A Smile On Each Kids Face, One At A Time.

Toys For Tots Helping Kids In Need

  1. My topic is about this foundation "Toys For Tots" putting smiles on kids faces who are less fortunate, they give gifts to them.
  2. The problem is being adressed by "Toys For Tots reaching out to others to convince them to make a donation to help kids.
  3. The things i have learned in the articles i have read "Toys for tots creating 7 million smiles a year" and "Toys for african american tots" is that by just donating a little time and money you could make a kid in need very happy.

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- "In recent years, the staff of The Christian Sceince Monitor in Boston has collected toys, delivered them to Toys for Tots for distribution, and volenteered to pack toys in the local warehouse."

- "Toys For Tots can onlt be successful as its donors are generous", Grein says.

- "In the past decade, Toys for Tots has distributed toys to about 7 million children a year."

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Toys For Tots Helping Kids In Need

4. My re-search findings relate to overcoming adversity by stating how good people are helping needt children have some toys to brighten their faces.

5. My re-searches are realated to to unexpected because to some, it's unexpecting that people who work with Toys For Tots do great things for children who aren't as fortunate as other kids in the world.

6. My re-search findings are related to freedom by giving examples of people with a lot of freedom, using their freedom to help children who do not have much freedom growing up.

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