Pre K weekly update

Dinosaur days

Daring D and his dinosaur friends

Your children had a “Dino-mite” week. We practiced beginning and ending sounds with the letter “D.” We brainstormed over 40 “D” words. We recognized them in our classroom and throughout the school. We wrote upper and lower case “D’s” in our journal and on our own. We met letter buddy “Daring D.” We read Dinosaur Danger. We read Dinosaur stories from our library. We read Dinosaurs Love Underpants, My Big Dinosaur Book, The Day of the Dinosaur, Dinosaurarumpus, How I captured a Dinosaur, & The Spike Tailed Dinosaur. We talked about the attributes of all the dinosaurs. We made Dinosaur movements. We read Dinosaur Dinners to help us understand what they ate & how they were classified by what they ate. We painted our own Dinosaurs, inventive spelled the name & wrote their name too. We created a Jurassic Mural with Pre K-B. We graphed our favorite dinosaurs. We counted to 46 with our dinosaurs. We also put together our seven dinosaur puzzles. We watched Busasaurus with our Magic school bus friends and The Dinosaur Train on PBSKids. We also stamped out some dinosaurs and practiced writing 1-20.

We are "bridging" the gap between daring d, dinosaurs & diversity:)!


We read I am Like you, You are Like me, I like myself, I like me, and The story of Martin Luther King Jr. to help us learn about diversity. We talked about how everyone is different. We talked about special abilities. We practiced ways to be nice to others. We will partner together for a special Diverse writing next week.

Next week the school will be closed Monday in honor of the great Martin Luther King Jr. We will continue to learn about him, Diversity, and dinosaurs too. Pajama day WILL be on Friday the 23rd. Lizzie Carr will be our principal for the day. PLEASE come to the ART SHOW on Saturday the 24th from 1-4 to see ALL of the students great works. Thanks for ALL you do and enjoy your weekends. Mr. Alaxson and Pre K-A