Located in Northern Africa


Population: 92,891,618

Average Age: 25.3 years

Life Expectancy: 73.7 years

Number of Males to Females: 1.02 Males/Females

Birth Rate: 22.9 births/1,000 peoples

Death Rate: 4.77 deaths/1,000 peoples

Percent of World Population: 1.25%

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Egypt's population increases to 89 million


The official language of Egypt in Standard Arabic, like many of the other countries in Northern Africa. It is used for almost all of the written documents, on television, in newspapers, and is taught in almost every school in the country. In the southern part of the country, a majority of people speak Sa'idi Arabic. This is just a different variation of the traditional Standard Arabic used everywhere else. The most common foreign language that is spoken in Egypt is English. Throughout the country, almost all of the street signs are bilingual. They have Arabic on the top half and English on the second half. In a few places, there are even street signs with French on them. French is a common language to be spoken in Egypt but is usually only known by the upper/educated class. French is often taught in public secondary schools and colleges. A majority of the population over 40 is fluent in French. This is because before schools were taught in either Arabic or English, they were taught in French. When it comes to tourism, the common languages that are spoken are Italian, German, and Russian. Often times in the more popular tourist destinations in Egypt, such as Cairo, there are signs everywhere that are in a variety of different languages.