Team Reyna

Reyna's Gen-O November 2014 Newsletter

From Your Director...

Hi Ladies,

Congratulations on a Nice November!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends and are looking forward to the Christmas Holiday!

I just love to Celebrate~Encourage~Reward YOU!! Take a look below to see what you and your teammates were able to do during November.

I also want to encourage you to finish 2014 strong! December can often be a tough month with all the activities our hostesses, customers and team members face. We too are sometimes overwhelmed with busyness. In addition to that, we are having to work through some obstacles with stop sell, low inventory and discontinued products. Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS, my friends, and push through. You will be rewarded as a result. You have the opportunity to not only earn some amazing commission for YOUR Christmas needs and desires, but you also have the opportunity to earn some FREE products to boost your business in the Spring with our READY SET SELL program running through December 15! December 10 (guaranteed Christmas delivery cut off) is NOT the last day of December! Our wonderful December customer special runs through December 29 (the Spring catalog is active on December 30) and there are customers out there that WILL purchase after December 10 so don't give up!

Many Blessings,
Reyna Faris
Executive Director

{Please let me know if I did not recognize you or one of your team members. With the multiple reports that must be run it is sometimes easy to miss someone. I never intend to leave anyone out.}
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In Thirty-One we have 12 Core Values. In honor of Christmas and the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, I would like to highlight COURAGEOUS this month. I think about Mary and Joseph and the obstacles they must have faced during her pregnancy, labor and delivery. What an amazingly courageous couple. Because of their courage, our Savior was born and changed my life forever. Have you allowed Jesus Christ to enter your heart and change your life forever? If you want to know more about how that can happen for you, I would love to visit with you.

Team Directors

Team Senior Consultants

Tracy Wagner CA

Tracie DesAutel WA

Julie Durheim WA

Sarah Foster WA

Glenda Schreiber KS

Kristy Queen NC

Brandi Reid MA

Kelly Yoder WI

Laura Hansen KS

Sara Keller KS

Jolene Goodheart Peterson KS

Kathryn Cailteux KS

Kelly Baalmann KS

Erica Martin FL

Chris Light OH


Senior Consultant

Jolene Goodheart Peterson KS
Erica Martin FL

Welcome to the Team

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Ellyn Hill NC

Amanda Brewer TN

Jessica Briten KS

Lyndse McCulley FL

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Our Team Statistics


# of Active Consultants: 115
Team Sales: $46,276
Team Parties: 116
Team Recruits: 4

Compared to October

# of Active Consultants: 101
Team Sales: $41,253
Team Parties: 107
Team Recruits: 3
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so much going on! take a look!

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Last chance for Christmas delivery

TODAY, December 10, is the last day to enter orders for guaranteed Christmas delivery!
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Ready Set Sell

Ready for an AMAZING 2015? Ready, Set, Sell is the best way for you to get free products just in time for the spring selling season!

From Dec. 1-15, all Consultants can earn up to $550 worth of spring and summer products and business supplies. This season’s kit is our most valuable ever!

Ready Set Sell

click here for all the details

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An enhanced Spring Add-On Kit with $130 worth of new products!

For only $40, you’ll get three new styles, including the All About the Benjamins Wallet on special in January. You can purchase this kit December 1-15 by logging into your virtual office, click on Order then on Add On Kit under Place an Order. Don't wait! Order TODAY!
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Spring 2015 Enrollment Kit

A fabulous Enrollment Kit valued at over $420, featuring new styles from each of the three chapters in the new Spring 2015 Catalog, will soon be available to our new consultants! Share the BEST GIFT you can offer to all of your friends and family...their own business! New Consultants may join your team beginning December 16.

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For the first time ever, an Expander Kit to help new Consultants get Jewell by Thirty-One styles in their hands.

This beautiful kit is valued at more than $220 but select Consultants can purchase it for only $59. It’s available to new Consultants who join between December 16 - March 15 as well as Directors and above December 16 – Jan. 31!

Spring 2015 is LIVE on Thirty-One Today

click here for all the Spring 2015 details

Key dates: December-January

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December Marketing Tools

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January Marketing Tools

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Spring 2015 Marketing Tools

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My statistics...

Personal Volume: $1,029
Parties: 3
Recruits: 0