Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod)

By:Ethan Scherg

Alex was born on July 27, 1975.
Alex had a lot of problems as a kid. Like one is were his dad left him and didn't come back. So Alex had to work hard and not give up.

Alex started playing baseball at a young age.

    Westminister Christian High School is the school Alex went to. He played shortstop on the high school's baseball team.

Alex had to do well in school to get to the Major League.

Alex played baseball for the Saettle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and is currently playing baseball for the New York Yankees.
The Artegas were like a second family to Alex because they bought him baseball equipment he needed and took him to a baseball club.

Cal Ripken Jr. was Alex's role model because he got Alex to keep playing baseball.
Joe Rodriguez was Alex's older brother. Joe was able to help Alex in his baseball career by encouraging him.

Alex's nickname is A-Rod.
Alex plays third base for the New York Yankees.
When Alex signed with the Seattle Mariners, he made $1.3 million.
A life lesson I learned while reading this book is to work hard and never give up.
Alex Rodriguez

Hot Shot, Hot Corner

by: Serena Kappes