Panther Updates

November 16th- 20th

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Week at a Glance

Monday 16th- 3rd-5th IGNiTE Parent Night 5:30pm-6:30pm, Holt and Ponder in classroom observations 9am-11am
Tuesday 17th-Project Team Meeting 2pm, TST, James River Thanksgiving Day Basket Requests Due
Wednesday 18th- Math Team Meetings

Thursday 12th- PTA Chili Supper 6-7:30
Friday 13th-

Lexia, DreamBox, and ALEKS Usage

At my IGNiTE leadership meeting Wednesday they showed us the usage ranks from of our 10 IGNiTE Elementary schools. Portland's usage was dead last (10th out of 10 Schools) in terms of overall minutes and percentage of students meeting their weekly goals in Lexia.

No one wants to see the classroom, kids, or school at the bottom of any list but as I sat in meetings the rest of the day I began to reflect more on what that meant for our kids. The more depressed I felt about not expressing a more clear expectation for our Lexkia use to support our kids. Lexia provides explicit, sytematic, personalized learning in six areas of reading instruction. These areas are Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Structural Analysis, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. The research backs the software when implemented with fidelity. Yes, I said it. this is part of our curriculum adoption and now part of our expected daily instruction. The greatest part is, outside of Sherwood who is 1-to-1 building wide we are are the second highest in ratio We currently have one device per 1.2 students in our building so it isn't about access any longer. I have lloked at the responses you have made in Matt's Canvas discussion and I would love to meet with any one next week who has questions about accessing Lexia and the reports it provides. Your instruction during mini-lessons and small group can never be replaced by any software but all the timethat students are not with you in small group and mini-lesson during our literacy and math blocks need to be assessed to determine how to ensure our students are getting the access to the the software they need to make the most growth we can give them.

Technology has its Limits

Pub papier toilette Le Trèfle - Emma - Ipad - Android

Upload Your Classroom Photos Please

I have shared a link via Google and in the link below. Any time you take photos of your class please upload them below when you have a chance. We will use all of these photos to upload and share on our hallway tvs, at Panther Pride Assemblies, on Portland's facebook, and for our year book.

The link to our Portland Photos is below.
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