Chemical Changes

Of Matter


A chemical change is when matter changes, causing new substances to be made or produced. Usually when a chemical change has occured, it either can't be undone, or is difficult to undo.

Indicators of change:

1. There is a change in color

2. There is a temperature change

3. Bubbles start forming

4. There is noticeable odor


Examples could be when;

1. Milk goes sour because, the milk went from being a liquid, to being a solid

2. When wood is burning because, the fire burns the wood, turning the wood into ashes

3. When you bake a cake because at first, the batter is a liquid, but when you bake it in the oven, heat is applied and causes the batter to change into a solid


Non Examples

Some non examples could be when;

1. Glass breaks because, the glass changed the shape, but the chemicals inside it have not changed

2. Water turning into ice because, the ice has the same chemicals as the water does, only the ice as atoms that are more packed together than the water did

3. Cutting paper because, the shape of the paper is changing, yet once again, the chemicals are still the same

Non Examples


Examples of chemical changes:

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