by: Cassie Peterson

Common Name :

Black widow

Scientific name :

Latrodectus Mactans

Normal habitat: Biome type

Terrestrail enviroment. They like to stay in temperate and tropical zones

Geographical Home

Throughout the United states,Canada, Mexico, The West Indies, and South America

Body shape and description

Female has red hourglass on her back. 8 to 10 mm long

male has 4 pairs of red and white stripes. 3-4 mm long

It is shiny, coal black in color.

Feeding habits

Black widows are carnivores. They usually spin webs for insects and flies to fly into them and then they wrap them in webs so they won't ecsape and then they eat them.

Life Cycle

They begin in the egg stage, They are born in the spring and are called spiderling , They grow into adults during spring and summer. They are usually mature by mid to late summer.
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