Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 27

20 March 2015

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Missed your chance?

If you missed your chance to say thank you to your co-workers or share something great they did, get them to me by e-mail or by leaving a form in my box! Thank you!

Kyle Wimmer, Colleen Dowling, and Kimberly Colegrove

Many thanks to Kyle Wimmer, Colleen Dowling, and Kimberly Colegrove for being so responsive helping Morgan with her Chautauqua research. You guys rock!

-Val Durfee

To all the teachers that helped find students for PARCC make-up-

I couldn't have made it to 95% without you. Thanks.

-Tiffany Hansen

To: Ashley Silva and Tom Norfolk and Jeff Johnson

Thanks for helping me save the yearbook :)

-Sage Rebuehr

"Math Row"- Stacey Johnson, Krysta Daigle, and Kyle Anderson.

Thank you three for being great office buddies this year. From answering my random questions, making me laugh, or taking care of me and helping me survive this first year so far!

-Ashley Silva

9th Grade Social Studies Team

Thanks so much for the sweet note and Starbucks card! I love working with you and your students, so it was totally unnecessary (but very appreciated)!


James Hock

Thank you for putting in many after school hours to complete the Capstone sign-ups sheets. You rock!

-Ashley Silva

Tom Norfolk

Thank you for filming a student during the choir concert for her Capstone. I appreciate that I didn't have to think about that.

-Heather Schenck

Amanda Papantonio

Thank you for your wonderful perspective on our next unit :) very helpful!!

-Ashley Silva

Sage Rebuehr

Thanks for having your students try out the Twitter book reviews to celebrate Teen Tech Week! Loved this one! Big boy in bigger city battles for friendship & punk rock. “Fat Kid RulesThe world” Hands down 5 stars #punk #fatkid

-Tricia LaRue

Pam Sagel

Thanks for cleaning the refrigerators. They smell so fresh!

-Sage Rebuehr

Scott Schankweiler

Thank you for lending us some science related items for our Musical! I appreciate your trust and support!

-Heather Schenck

Bill Swearingen

Shout out for going over to Vantage Point to test students that are no longer ours so we could reach the 95%.

-Tiffany Hansen

Thank you for your support at the choir concert. I especially love having your help at the end of the night so I can get home even when student's aren't picked up on time!

-Heather Schenck

Bryan Webb

Thank you for coming to the Choir Concert. It's always great to have you there.

-Heather Schenck

Recent News and Tips

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Recent Tech Tip: Check out Bunkr. It's a cool presentation tool that was created to be a PowerPoint alternative. Here's a sample! If you need to add links to music, documents, or You Tube videos, this is perfect!

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