Children of Alcoholics


Who Am I ?

My name is Brian Leal. I am 15 years old. I like to play soccer and my favorite position is

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Essential Question

How does having an alcoholic parent affect a child?

Explanation of Topic

I chose this topic because my dad is an alcoholic. It affects me in many ways because I worry that I'll be just like him. I don't want to be like him but I wanted to know more about the affects it has a child.

The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on Children

  • One misunderstanding that many alcoholics have is that they think their drinking doesn't hurt anyone else.
  • If you have a drinking problem then they are being affected, sometimes so profoundly that the effects last their entire lifetimes.

Real Stories From Adults With Children

Adults that have children and have a drinking problem affect their children.

  • Children of alcoholics:

  • Have to guess what normal is.
  • Since they didn't have an example to follow when they were young. Since their parent/s never experienced "normal" family relationships, they won't be able to tell what a good role is


    a bad role model.

  • They judge themselves without mercy.
  • Many addicts find it difficult to give themselves a break. They don't feel good enough so they tend to distance themselves from their loved ones.


Sixteen-year-old Isaiah had a deep love for his dad. Even though his father has a problem he desperately wants his father to stop drinking. Isaiah's father always promised him that he would stop but he would always break his promise. His father was the only guy he thought he could rely on but he couldn't trust his own father. He knows that it's the reason why his mother bailed on them years ago. He would move in with his mother but he doesn't want to leave his father alone. He wonders what would be of him if he wasn't there to watch out for him. All Isaiah wants is for a life without broken promises.


  • Many of the children of alcoholic live in homes filled with stress, financial hardship, instability,


    and violence.
  • Many of the children struggle in school, struggle with their behavior and emotional feelings.
  • They tend to have insecurities which lead to emotional scars that they carry well into adulthood.

Relation and Why I Chose This Topic.

This topic relates to me because I have a father who is an alcoholic. He has a drinking problem and he knows he does but doesn't want to admit it. I live with my mother and my father lives in Trenton, New Jersey. My father always drinks and one day I hope he stops so I can see him. Last time I saw him was in October. He had kept his promise of not drinking again but I caught him drinking when I was at his house. He doesn't know I know but it's sad to know that he acts like I would never know.


While I was researching on my topic I noticed that having an alcoholic parent is like having a child.