Self Portraits

By: Jaime Serrano

What is a self portrait

A self portrait is a drawing, painting, or photograph of the artist of them self, a self portrait is not someone else other than the artist him self.
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Self portrait in front of the easel

  1. Artist: Vincent van Gogh

  2. Dimensions: 2' 2" x 1' 8" (66 cm x 50 cm)

  3. Created: January 1888

  4. Media: Oil paint

  5. Genre: Portrait

  6. Part of series: Portraits of Vincent van Gogh

What are self portraits called today

Now today self portraits are no longer called self portraits, they are now called "selfies"

Why do artists create self portraits

Artists create self portraits to express how they see themselves in their own opinion

What is the first recorded self portrait

The first ever portrait was by Robert Cornelius which was created in 1839 called "The first light picture ever taken 1839"
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Who is known for the most self portraits in history

The most self portrait photographs taken in one hour was by Patrick Peterson who took 1449 selfies in one hour

What is the most famous self portrait

The most famous portrait is by van gogh, it is called "artist without a beard" and is worth 17.5 million dollars

How is a self portrait like an auto biography

A self portrait is like a auto biography they are about that person taken by that person

What is a symbol

in art a symbol is a solid recognizable thing - an animal, plant, or object, that would be hard to show in a picture

Do artists use symbols (obvious or hidden) in their self portraits

sometimes they'll have something in the background like a tree or build or something in the foreground like a suit or bow tie that'll give a clue that would be hard to show in the picture

What is identity

identity is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

How is a persons identity revealed in the use of a self portrait

The persons identity is revealed in a self portrait by showing the person in the artwork and how the artists perceives them self into the artwork shown to other people of his identity

How would i do a self portrait

if i did a self portrait i would put myself to the left showing a bit of the background, and also use an object or accessory like sunglasses so that way it isn't plain just to make it a bit interesting