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For furniture selling or swapping needs? Go online … with Shabby’s furniture

Selling furniture is a cumbersome task when one moves to a different place. It’s generally not preferred by many to transport it along with other household items. Reason is, its delicacy and space it occupies while transporting in a truck. You would feel pity to find your furniture being broken during transportation. Hence it is of paramount importance to sell it to someone who actually needs it. Furniture design has seen many changes, which is bound to happen with time. This change in design is also a reason which tempts us to swap it with one which is new in design or selling it. Selling furniture is a burden if you don’t have enough time to bargain for the right price. If you are in hurry to sell it within a short time, you are worried to know if it fetches right price. You don’t need to worry anymore, just post about your furniture on Sell Your Used Furniture UK and get it sold in minutes or swap it with a different one. Swap Shabby Old Furniture is always there to take care of your furniture swapping needs.

We have a state-of-the-art website, responsive in nature, which has an option to integrate a snap of your furniture along with some description in brief. Once your posting gets approved, buyers will start contacting you for queries. You will receive sms for any queries. This avoids the need to stay logged in to our website or application to get updates regarding your posting. We don’t have a fix price model for every posting involved. It means if you are selling furniture, which costs more initially, there will be some commission involved. But if you swap it with other furniture with us, you will get more discounts as compared to others. This justifies our principle of long term partnership with our clients. More you shop with us, lesser we charge you for services. Shabby furniture wants its customers to feel privileged with every buying and selling, hence we offer gifts everyday to our lucky winners. We also help customers to find furniture of their choice, as per their preferences. Our dedicated customer care team has all the patience which is required to deal with different customers.

Housewives always try to make changes into their home to make it look better. If your furniture becomes old-fashioned you don’t have to sell it at throwaway prices. We ensure that you get reasonable price by choosing the seller or rather swapping it with us. We have witnessed maximum number of visitors because of the active participation with different users. Most of the postings on our website got sellers the same day they got posted. Our turn-around time doesn’t exceed 72 hours in majority of postings. Our local search feature enables you to find a seller within a fraction of time. There might be hundreds of websites available, who are into similar business but you cannot afford wasting time with those who respond slowly. We have gone through all the changes which one needs to better their services in order to serve you better Second Hand Kitchen Furniture.