MBHS Spanish 1

This week en la clase de Señora Wells

Welcome (Back)!

I hope you all had a relaxing Winter Break and were able to stay warm and dry. My family went to visit family in Lawton, Oklahoma and do a lot of laying around :)

I have a few new faces in my classes this semester and I am so happy to meet my new students. Here's to a great 2nd semester in Spanish!

Spanish Speaking Countries

Last week we started discussing Spanish speaking countries and using nationality vocab to describe people and products from those countries.

This week students will be selecting 8 countries (3 from S. America, 3 from Cent. America/Mexico, and 2 from the Caribbean) and will research it's capital, population, currency, popular food, and a tourist attraction.

NEXT FRIDAY, JAN 22, there will be an exam where students label their 8 countries & capitals, and give information they researched.

Integrated Performance Assessment

This Thursday & Friday we will be doing something new in class, "Integrated Performance Assessments" (also known as IPA) where we will use stations and rotate through the 5 modes of communication:

  • interpretive reading
  • interpretive listening
  • interpersonal speaking
  • presentational writing
  • presentational speaking

This should be pretty interesting and I hope the students enjoy it as much as my students in the past.


As always, I am available for tutoring Monday-Friday afternoons from 2:35 until 3:30. If you would like your child to come and work on their notebook, do some extra practice, redo any assignments, etc... PLEASE encourage him/her to come to tutoring!

There is a tutoring bus that drops off at your neighborhood elementary school on Tuesdays and Thursdays but students must have a pass from their teacher to ride it.

I can do mornings by appointment only.