Bride Shake down

Make it a day to remember complete with a body to stun him!!

Come join us for a great and healthy way to get in shape!!

We will have a ab and booty bootcamp along with a holistic health coach on hand to help you plan for a healthy way to get in shape and make your body one your groom will die for!!

Where does the time go? One minute the question is popped, and the next you’re racing around looking at venues, and menus, sorting seating plans and gift lists and looking for that dream outfit you have in your head. You want to look great on your big day but you’re stressed and busy with endless decisions and preparation.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could both incorporate into your hectic schedule that will leave you looking great and feeling amazing?

Body by Vi has the answer!

I can help you with your goal to tone up or slim down to be in the best shape of your life on this the most important day of your life. You will feel energised and more able to cope with the run up to your wedding day. Great, healthy, yet convenient nutrition that really works!

We are also arranging to have a project bride and groom get in shape event!!!

Whether you want to lose inches or tone up, both the bride and groom can look fabulous on your big day and on into your honeymoon – whether you’re lounging your sun kissed body on the beach, or marching to the top of a mountain – and ensure those love handles don’t appear on your return!

Also suitable for best man, bridesmaids and the all-important mother of the bride, I am here to help your wedding entourage look great and feel fab with our Project 10 Challenge.

You set your goal. I’ll help you choose a kit and I will provide the nutrition, support and encouragement to ensure you achieve your dream. There’s even a money back guarantee!

The Eco part? Our product provides unique quality, clean nutrition using gluten free, lactose free, non GMO ingredients. It is diabetic friendly, low sodium, low carb, and even certified kosher which ensures the highest standards during production.

Set your goal; Choose your kit; enter the challenge and be in the best shape of your life on your big day.

I look forward to helping you achieve your dream bod!

Question of the day??

What will this day consist of and is there a cost to come?

No there is no cost to come to the class, you will have the ability to get in a great workout with one of the top trainers in Atlanta!! While also having the ability to try out the Body by VI product and seeing how it could change your Life for the better and get you in tip top shape by your wedding day!!!!

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Who am I, you ask? Only the person who will introduce you to a better you!!

I am a firm believer in life being to short to live in a body that does not allow you to live fully!! I am a true believer in the Body by Vi Product and what it can do for your body, I am also a fully certified clinical Master herbalist and Holistic Health practitioner, who believes in only putting the best into the body!!