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The Use of Video in The Classroom

Video has become a staple of the classroom. We have seen where through the use of video students can retain information more easily and understand concepts more quickly. Video is not meant to replace teaching, it is meant to enhance it. Teachers can use video to take their students on a virtual field trip to a city they are discussing in history or foreign language class or to bring a part of literature to life in english. In science, teachers can use video to show complex demonstrations or abstract concepts.

This Smore is dedicated to many different video resources out there for teachers to use and incorporate in their daily lesson planning.

History Video Links

PBS Explorers Video

PBS Explorers video is a great way for teachers to bring the different world explorers to life in the classroom. This site contains 16 short and informative videos of famous explorers throughout history, from Christopher Columbus to Neil Armstrong.

One great thing about this site is the video's can be shared through Google Classroom with the simple click of a button.

American Experience- The Presidents

The Presidents on American Experiences is a series of documentaries over every U.S. President. Teachers can also access different presidential biographies, interviews, articles and photos. It is a one stop shop for everything you need for your class.

Election Central 2016- PBS

With the upcoming election this year, teachers can keep their students informed and review the past elections with this collection on Election Central 2016.

Here you can find current election news, information about the election process, past elections and Inaugural Addresses.

Math and Science Video Links

Math at the Core Middle School- PBS

Math at the Core Middle School is a collection of math videos for CCSS math concepts grades 5-8. You can browse by math concept or by grade level. This site contains videos for diverse learning styles.

Learners TV

LearnersTV is a wonderful resource for teachers that contains video lectures, video courses, science animations, lecture notes and more. Best part it is absolutely free. This site is a collections of lectures and for math, demonstrations, from some of the top colleges in the nation. It is a great resource for teachers to brush up on some different subjects.

Science Interactives- PBS

Science Interactives is a collection of interactive activities. They are grouped by grade appropriateness. The topics include activities such as how caves form, map of the human heart, physics of arches, mountain makers, and cell membrane.

Cell Collection-PBS

Cell Collection by PBS is a group of videos, images and documents that will help your students to better understand the different aspect of cells.

Elementary Video Links

Everyday Learning

Everyday Learning is a PBS Learning Media collection that has everyday topics for preschoolers- first grade. You can search their page by topics such as: Everyday Math for PreSchoolers, Everyday Science for Preschoolers, Healthy Me, All Around Me and Art to Heart.

Each video has the CCSS strand attached to it so you can easily work it into your curriculum.

PBS Lab Kids

PBS Lab Kids is a collection of online games elementary teachers can incorporate into their classroom curriculum. They are designed to help develop math and literacy and come with teaching tips that gives you step-by-step lessons for teaching.

News Quiz-PBS

New Quiz is a weekly 15-minute current events program that is target for grades 4-8. It consists of news segments, current event quizzes (that the teacher can download and pass out to their students), FYI segments and much more.

These can quickly and easily be shared in Classroom!

Youtube Channels with Multi Subject Videos

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