Ms. Jessyca's Weekly Newsletter Jan. 24th 2014

Weekly Updates

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a great week! This week we were almost always, "Ready to Learn"! The class has been very focused and driven this week, working on their presentations. Please see the invitation in your child's folder!

I am playing around with new Newsletter templates, so please let me know your thoughts as you will see a variety of templates and formats over these next few weeks!

This week we have been working most of the day on our projects-using reading and writing as well as word study to explore and learn more!

In Writers’ Workshop we are still all focused on the trait of WORD CHOICE! We will spend more time next week reviewing the writing process! This week, I have still been busy gathering data and assessments for purposes of report cards and portfolios. Next week as we close our Migration unit, the students need to reflect on their research and their 'mock' experiences traveling and migrating to a new land. They will be finishing up their personal narratives about their experience.

In Math, we are exploring word problems involving addition or subtraction. We are learning how to break down story problems-asking ourselves questions, identifying the important and unimportant information, and what mathematical operations are needed to solve. i encourage this to be a talking point at home. We are studying patterns, learning how to group numbers and break down "number strings". We are honing our quick addition and subtraction skills and gaining stamina for mental math as well! We are also working on skip counting -looking for patterns and overlaps! We are also exploring the calculator as a tool!

Our PYP unit on Migration is so much fun, I am sad that it is ending! The students have spent a ton of time researching and learning about the facets of culture. Each student is learning about the country, currency, customs, and more! Next week we will wrap up this unit with a trip to teh Zoo, tying in themes of migration and adaptation!

In Reading, we are focused in our small guided reading groups. Some students have been reading individually with me or other instructors for purposes of assessment. We are employing our learned CAFE strategies as we read, discussing new concepts and selecting personal "miscues" to explore more! Our focus is mostly on comprehension strategies and building fluency with practice. Next week, the students will begin to read about Global Contributors as prep for our next UoI.

I am so excited to finally be able to announce our YOUTUBE channel GRADE2BLISS! Please check out our channel and Google page here: You can send this link to friends and family abroad so they too can be connected to all the learning, laughing, and love that happens in B5 at Cotopaxi Academy!!!

Our Instragram account has been updated and is also up and running! Once you have an account, you can view our page on a web browser here: If you have a 'smart' phone you can download the app, create an account, search for us and start following us! Instragram is a GREAT way to view what is going on in B5 on a (almost) DAILY basis!!!

Please remember, your child should be reading at home for 10 minutes (at least) in English EVERYDAY. Set a timer and make it a routine if this is a problem at home. When reading at home talk to your child about each part of the story (in any language)! IXL math is intended to supplement or support learning at home. If you feel it is a stressful or timely experience, please do other math activities to support concepts and objectives taught. If your child is working in IXL, please have him/her focus on Letter I.

Many thanks, and have a lovely weekend!


From the Students

Dear Families,

We have had an awesome week! We have been very busy researching and working on our Country Expo Projects!

We had our 3rd PYP Assembly this week! For both Reading and Writing, this week we have been focused on our PYP Unit Of Inquiry Projects. We have been reading all about culture-about the languages, the foods, the education, the customs, the clothing the weather and more-all about our individual country! We are REALLY excited for Country and Culture Expo Day!

In math, we are continuing to work on number strings as well as Problem of the Day! We are learning how to read word problems so we can determine the important information and the unimportant information. Using a 100s board, we are learning to skip count by 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s!

When asked what country they want to learn more about students responded with:


Paula replied, "I would like to learn about about Egypt and Madagascar!"

Valeria said "I would like to learn about Argentina."

Maria Sol responded with "I would like to learn more about Peru!"

Maiya said "I want to learn more about India!"

Maisy said I would like to learn more about England!"

Manuela replied with "I really want to learn about Madagascar!"

Vicky said "I would want to learn more about New Zealand!"

Luis exclaimed "I want to learn about Spain!"

Martin responded "If I could study another country, I would pick Brazil!"

Noah replied "Im interested in Serbia!"

Isaac said "I want to learn about Antarctica!"

David replied "I would be interested in learning about France!"

Maria Alejandra said "I would want to learn more about mexico!"

Isabela said "I am interested in Iceland!"

Valentina said "I would love to learn about India!"

Juan Ber responded with "I would like to learn about Portugal!


  • Our class will be gardening weekly on Wednesdays! On Fridays we are usually engaged in a craft activity that can be messy! Just a heads up when selecting clothes for those days!!
  • Report cards will be sent home shortly!
  • Check in with your child about their research and selected country! All items (crafts, cool facts, etc) MUST be at school on MONDAY (Jan, 27th) in the morning!
  • I am wanting to create a "Science Spot" in the classroom. Items welcomed! :)