Face Mask Update

CISD Temporary Mask Mandate Begins Thursday, Jan. 27

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A Message from Dr. McFarland: Temporary Mask Mandate

January 21, 2022

Hello! I’m Superintendent Mike McFarland with an important update for our Crowley ISD family.

We’ve been back in school for two weeks now, and like other districts, we’ve seen our COVID cases climb significantly. This data, combined with survey results we received from parents, students and staff, has led us to announce that starting Thursday, Jan. 27 we will be returning to a two-week temporary mask mandate to help slow the spread of COVID so that we can keep our schools open for safe, in-person learning.

We want to let everyone know now in order to give our families and schools time to prepare. We have also ordered more masks, and those will be arriving next week.

This temporary mandate will run through Thursday, Feb. 10 and will require everyone 2 years of age and older to wear masks indoors and on buses. Crowley ISD will provide mask breaks for students and staff.

After the two weeks, we will reevaluate the data to determine if the mandate should be extended another two weeks or allowed to expire based on the COVID cases in our schools and community.

I realize this decision impacts everyone, and I want to thank the many who provided their input in our Face Mask Survey. We received more than 3,900 responses, and the feedback was overwhelmingly in support of a temporary mask mandate. (full survey results available below) 77% of employees, 78% of students and 84% of parents surveyed said they believe we should re-implement the temporary mask mandate. We hear you.

We also hear those of you who do not support mask mandates and we understand your concerns. Masks can be an inconvenience. And when not worn properly, masks are not as effective. But, based on the science, and the advice of local medical experts, and the continued spread of the Omicron variant in our community, and the support of a large majority of our school community, we are making the decision to reimplement this temporary mask mandate.

As you’ve seen in the news, school districts across North Texas and the nation have had to close due to staffing shortages caused by the virus. We must do everything we can to keep our schools open because we know that in-person learning is best for our students and families.

Masking is one thing we can do, but it’s not the only thing. If you and your children have not been fully vaccinated – we strongly urge you to do so at one of our clinics, your doctor’s office or a local pharmacy.

If you or your children need to be tested for COVID-19, we’ve opened a centralized testing site that offers free rapid and PCR testing. It’s conveniently located at Crowley High School’s Indoor Practice Facility and is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please register first on our website.

Other steps we all can take include frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer. Keep a safe distance apart when possible. Stay home if you are sick. And we will continue sanitizing our schools, buses and offices regularly.

Please continue taking care of yourselves and each other, because in Crowley ISD we act like a family and we work like a team. We will get through this together with Crowley Pride Unified.


Dr. Michael McFarland

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Face Mask Survey that was open from Friday, Jan. 14 until noon on Thursday, Jan. 20. During that time, we received feedback from parents, students and staff on the following question:

Do you believe Crowley ISD should reimplement a temporary mask mandate and require face masks to be worn inside and on buses for individuals 2 years of age and older?

What were the overall results?

  • 81.95% of people said, "Yes, I believe Crowley ISD should reimplement a temporary mask mandate."
  • 18.02% people said, "No, I do not believe Crowley ISD should reimplement a temporary mask mandate."

(.03% of participants did not answer the question)

What were the results by subpopulation?

  • 77.19% of employees said they believe Crowley ISD should reimplement a temporary mask mandate.
  • 78.05% of students said they believe Crowley ISD should reimplement a temporary mask mandate
  • 84.24% of parents/guardians said they believe Crowley ISD should reimplement a temporary mask mandate.

Who participated in the survey?

3,956 people took the survey, including:

  • 2,855 parents/guardians (72.17%)
  • 1,074 employees (27.15%)
  • 287 students (7.25%)

(Because multiple answers per participant were possible (i.e. parents/guardians who are also employees of the District) the total percentage exceeds 100%)

COVID-19 Testing

Crowley ISD is partnering with local pharmacies to offer free COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for eligible individuals ages five and older.

Vaccines are limited. Please pre-register on our website.