Zelda Fitzgerald

"The Original American Flapper"

Zelda Fitzgerald was an American writer who wrote a novel, eleven short stories, and twelve articles. She also trained to be a prima ballerina for a few years.

Though it was her only novel, Save Me the Waltz was what Fitzgerald was most accredited for, since a considerable amount of the other pieces she wrote were labeled as authored, or co-authored by her more famous husband, American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, so the pieces could be sold for more.

Life in Paris:

Zelda lived in Paris with her husband on two occasions. Once for financial reasons and the other for becoming a prima ballerina. She became competitive with all of the artistic talent in France, including her husband. Besides being competitive with her husband, Zelda was also a huge influence on his work; he used her words and used her characteristics in his characters. This changed when she had an affair with a French aviator, and Zelda and husband's marriage was strained. In 1930, she had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.,