Robotics Team

A Robotics team opportunity for anyone interested

The JRL (Junior Robotics League) Is a six week program for anyone interested. Teams will build and design a "VEX" robot that competes in a game designed by team driven

If you are willing to put the time and effort into competing read the following dates, times and participation information!!!
Who: Kindergarten Through 8th Grade is welcome to compete

When: Registration opens - August 10th

Parent Meeting- September 28th

Kick-Off - October 12th

Competition November 22nd-24th

The competion will be held at the Lee's Summit High School

Further Questions!!!

Contact the Director at


Phone # : (816) 876-5955

also if any other questions the maker of this flyer is Aidan at on google mail Gmail!!!

Frequently Asked Question

People ask how about costs and how do we get a VEX Robot well its simple you have a team of up to 6 and you split the money between the tournament and the Robot if you already have a VEX Robot then it lowers the cost.

-Thank You more info about costs at Http://JRL.Teamdriven.Us

if you need to keep track of your team information use this printable JRL calender