Skye Olinger


McDonalds was first created by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. It started off as a barbecue. Only selling hamburgers, however in 1949 they also began selling Coca-Cola as well as French Fries. The very first McDonalds was located in San Bernadino, California when owned by the McDonald brothers. In 1954 Ray Kroc obtained the license of the restaurant and is responsible for the huge food chain McDonalds became.

Political Impact

McDonalds is the largest burger fast food chain in the world. McDonalds can advertise for many political events or by getting to to buy certain things by using bandwagon methods. Due to begin a multinational corporation, McDonalds has helped contribute to the modern every day life of citizens.

Social Impact

Majority of people know and have been to McDonalds at least once in there life. Many people even go to McDonalds a few times a month. Since this fast food place is so popular, people are running into people they know and some are known as regular costumers. People will chat about the deals they have, or plan on going there with a group of friends after school. Lots of people hang out at McDonalds for a drink or something to eat. People are constantly running into each other here and getting to even know one another.

Economic Impact

In more than 100 countries and with over 1.9 people that work for the, McDonalds has created a huge economic impact. Due to it being easy to get it has really helped the economy from serving people food to creating jobs for millions of people.
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