December Highlights

Tech Tips

iPad Clean Up & iOS Update

As the end of the first semester nears, you may want to consider cleaning your iPads by deleting apps you haven't used or don't want. Also, free some of that memory by transferring photos & videos either into your Google Drive, Dropbox or any cloud storage you may be subscribed to.

Most importantly: Please update your iPads' software to the latest iOS 9.1. To do so, go to Settings>General>Software Update>Install Now

*Make sure your iPad is charging while you update.

*You may also want to update your Apps.

Reflector Update

Now that you've updated your iPads, make sure you update your laptop to the latest Reflector software. Go to your Software Center>Applications Catalogue>Reflector 2.3>Install

*A restart is required, so make sure your work is saved and preferably closed before installing.

Give your SMARTBoard a rest

Want your SMARTboard to last longer? Make sure you are turning off your projector when your students are not in the room (i.e. specials, lunch, recess, library, assemblies, etc.) or when not in use. This will increase the life of the board and bulb.

Student Certificates in Google Slides

Did you know that there are certificate templates in Google Slides Template Galleries? Great for Leader in Me leadership binders. Richard Byrne has created a wonderful video with instructions (see below)
How to create a certificate in Google Slides

Hour of Code

Hour of Code Week Dec. 7-11

Don't forget Hour of Code week is coming up next week. To participate, all you have to do is have your students code for an hour (you can divide the time throughout the week) on either an iPad, Chromebook, Thinkpad Laptop, desktop computer, VDI in Computer Lab, or even unplugged. If you don't have your class scheduled for HOC, please let me know. I still have some slots available to help out in your classroom!

For more information, go to

See below or go to Thinglink for iPad Coding Apps.

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December Curriculum Ideas

Winter Traditions Thinglink NEISD Challenge for K-12

Technology Services continually strives to provide you with engaging tools that support your classroom instruction. One tool we have been promoting is Thinglink Edu. This site allows students and teachers to layer images with text, video, links, audio, polls, and various Google Products.

In an effort to promote the use of Thinglink and to showcase student created products, Tech Services will be facilitating a district wide Thinglink challenge open to all students in grades K-12. Students can work individually or collaboratively to create an interactive image describing a winter tradition or celebration from anywhere in the world. The final submission date is January 15, 2016.

All of the information needed to participate in this challenge will be housed in a Google Classroom. Login to your Google Classroom account and click on the plus sign in the upper right corner. Click on join and enter this code: 1gv52o. You will find step by step instructions on how to create your accounts, tutorials on how to use the Thinglink platform, and the link to submit your image. There will be a total of 5 winners throughout the district. If your student or class wins, you will receive a free Thinglink Edu Pro account for 1 year. You students will also have the opportunity to present their image during a live webinar. For more information please email Laura Moore at

Paola Villalón-Perezsandi, ITS